Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

Jerry Seinfeld’s pseudo-interview show, now on Netflix, is everything we want out of late night but never get. Seinfeld spends the morning or afternoon with a comedian or actor and the conversation is much more natural than your typical interview show. He picks them up in an extravagant car that he somehow relates to their personality or career. For example, in the Julia Louis-Dreyfus episode, he claims that whenever she was in a scene, she would “kill it”. So he picked her up in James Bond’s 1964 Aston Martin DB5. It’s a cheesy sentiment but you say what you have to in order to drive around in a $450,000 car all afternoon.

The late night show interviews are too short, too centered around self-promotion, and too disingenuous. The length of time Jerry has with his guests and the sense of intimacy he creates allows them to dive deeper and let them tell stories they want to tell. The show gives you a personal look into the guests real life and into their psyche. Many of the guests share their struggles and the sad stories that made them who they are today. In one episode, a clearly tortured Michael Richards thanks Jerry for sticking by him after his meltdown during a set at the Laugh Factory in 2006. He opens up to Jerry about his struggles during this time and how he continues to “get better”. In another episode, Jerry tears up when talking to Judd Apatow about the funeral of Gary Shandling. The point is that the show is real.

The mind of the comedian has always fascinated me and this show lets me explore that. The show is touching and funny, and it tells you stories that you’ll probably never hear anywhere else. The guests are great (Don’t miss his episode with Barack Obama). The host is great. Seeing them together in real life situations in diners and coffeehouses is hilarious to see from their point of view. It’s a fantastic show and you should check it out. The episodes are under twenty minutes so they’re easy to watch and before you know it, Netflix will be asking you if you’re still watching.. and you will be.

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