The Strangest Club in America

The National Rifle Association has been in the news a lot lately. I’ve always assumed things about them but never really knew what being an NRA Member meant. The benefits are strange and most have nothing to do with guns.

Some benefits of membership include:

  • This one seems pretty obvious, but they offer firearm insurance.
  • They also offer Life, Health, and Accident Insurance… which I assume you and your loved ones will need if you own a bunch of guns.
  • Hearing benefits, because they assume you’ll lose your hearing firing guns without ear protection?
  • This is one of my favorites… They have a wine club. I love the idea of a couple of buddies out on a hunting trip, sitting in a camouflage blind(which is something you use to disguise yourself so you can shoot deer and ducks etc… for those of you who don’t hunt), and sipping a nice red together. I know you think I’m making this one up, but I’m not. Check out their website.
  • They offer discounts on car rentals, on buying vehicles, and on travel such as lodging.
  • You can get NRA-themed checks at 50% off! I was really excited to see the designs but the site was down at the time I was researching… too bad.
  • Discounts on prescription drugs, because the only thing missing from the gun range is a little Valium.
  • This next one is fear mongering at it’s best. I really can’t think of a situation, besides entering a war as a mercenary, that I would really need this service. A company called Global Rescue, which is the Official Extraction Provider of the NRA, offers to “evacuate you from the point of danger in a security emergency”. This service offers “24hr security advisory services from in-house security professionals,
    comprised of veterans of elite U.S. military units”. So the next time you’re setting out to re-enact the plot of Taken, Blood Diamond, or Lord of War… think about your friends over at Global Rescue.

The NRA does not claim to be a charitable organization, they actually state it right on their website. “Contributions, gifts or membership dues made or paid to the National Rifle Association of America are not refundable or transferable and are not deductible as charitable contributions for Federal income tax purposes.” They do, however, claim to protect your Second Amendment rights, “When anti-gun lobbyists and politicians began their war on the Second Amendment four decades ago, the NRA fought back. … Every time there’s a threat to your gun rights, the NRA is there to defend your freedom.” We’re all aware that the NRA uses their fees (either $40 per year or $1500 for a lifetime membership) to purchase political influence to “protect your guns rights”, but doesn’t the Second Amendment defend your gun rights? and doesn’t the military “defend your freedom”? I had no idea the NRA was responsible for all of these things.

I’m not trying to make a political statement here, just trying to poke fun at the bizarre “perks” of membership that the most extreme version of AAA has to offer. Have a good night folks.

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