A Look Back: Eagles v Cowboys 10/30/2018

Since the Eagles will be hosting the Cowboys in their next game, it was only fitting to share this story. A special thanks to Surena for letting me share her agony. As a Cowboys fan, she should be used to it by now.

October 30, 2011 was a cool fall night in Tempe, AZ. The Cowboys and Eagles had the Sunday Night game, which was usually the only game of the week watched together by everyone in the house. I was 22 at the time and living in a house where everyone had different team loyalties. We had a Cardinals fan, Saints fan, Eagles fan(me), and a Cowboys fan. We used to make little bets that usually resulted in bodily harm. Neither the Cowboys nor the Eagles were having promising seasons at this point but Surena (the Cowboys fan) and I had to make our twice yearly bet. She didn’t like to make wagers with me because she wouldn’t normally agree to the ridiculous bets the rest of the guys would. (Tweet me to ask about “The Game”) She really didn’t want to bet on the game because she wasn’t confident in her struggling Cowgirls as both Philly and Dallas were 3-4 going into this game.

I opened the negotiations with an offer of $20 to the winner. Offer Declined.

Next offer: Same offer but with 2 to 1 odds in her favor. Offer Declined.

Next offer: Loser goes in the pool. (It was 50 degrees out aka a Tempe blizzard) Offer Declined.

Next offer: How about if the Eagles win by 21, you go in the pool? And if they don’t… I’ll go. Offer accepted enthusiastically.

The First Quarter:

Game: The Eagles score three times, once on a Maclin reception, and another from a McCoy 2-yard rush. The Cowboys’ two drives end in a punt and an interception. Yardage difference (Eagles 169 – Cowboys 35) Score: 14-0 PHI

Surena: Still confident that her Cowboys will cover the spread we’ve created, Surena tests the water in the pool to let me know it will be freezing for my dip later that night.

The Second Quarter:

Game: The Cowboys’ two drives end in punts while the Eagles score on a Vick to Celek TD and an Alex Henery 23-yard field goal. Score: 24-0 PHI

Surena: She still believes the Cowboys will score enough to keep her out of the pool, but her confidence in Tony Romo is dwindling. Thus starts the longest Halftime of her life as the rest of the house starts commenting that the temperature appears to be dropping.

The Third Quarter:

Game: The Eagles have the ball for the majority of the quarter but only manage to convert on a 26-yard field goal. The Cowboys punt twice and almost get lucky on a Michael Vick fumble but it’s challenged and the call is overturned. Score: 27-0 PHI

Surena: She begins attempting to hedge on the bet. She offers money and asks if it’s ok to just put her feet in the pool. The rest of the house has a good laugh and ultimately tells her to pack sand. She has a bright moment before the fumble is overturned where she violently hip thrusts in my direction and calls Vick “a little bitch”.

The Fourth Quarter:

Game: The Eagles open the quarter with a drive ending in a 13-yard TD from LeSean McCoy. The Cowboys then answer with a 70-yard TD pass from Tony Romo to Laurent Robinson. Then Eagles Punt, Cowboys Turnover on Downs, Eagles Punt, Cowboys fail to score on the final drive. Cue ‘Gonna Fly Now’ and roll credits. Final Score: 34-7 PHI

Surena: The 70-yard TD pass was a ray of hope on a dark, dark night for Surena. She reacted to that touchdown like she had personally thrown the pass. If they hadn’t scored that one time during the game, I’m not sure Surena would have ever recovered. The beatdown that the Eagles put on the Cowboys that day will live forever… or until YouTube goes belly up. Enjoy:

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