AD to LA

The Trade: (According to Adrian Wojnarowski, via @wojespn)

Lakers receive:
-Anthony Davis

Pelicans receive:
-Brandon Ingram
-Josh Hart
-Lonzo Ball
-No. 4 pick in 2019
-Top-8 protected in 2021 (becomes unprotected in ‘22)
-Unprotected swap in ‘23
-Unprotected first in ‘24
-Unprotected swap in ‘25

Lakers Point of View:
The Lakers got their guy. As soon as LeBron inked his deal with the Lakers, the young talent was living on borrowed time. LeBron isn’t in the business of developing talent. He wants to win now. We all knew they’d part with their young guys in order to get a partner for LeBron. Getting Anthony Davis is a big step towards relevance, but the job isn’t done. They’ll now have the challenge of filling out their roster with pieces that could mean a deep playoff run. My guess is that this roster will soon resemble previous LeBron-led rosters. A roster that typically consists of one or two superstars, followed by a bunch of shooters, and a bench that leaves something to be desired. The Lakers have mortgaged their future in the same way that previous LeBron-led franchises have done, with one major exception. Anthony Davis is looking to re-sign and is still young enough to lead the Lakers for the foreseeable future.

Pelicans Point of View:
This is a great haul for the Pelicans considering the situation Davis created. The influx of young talent for New Orleans will help them to not only recover from this loss, but the abundance of picks will set them up for the future. Adding Hart, Ingram, and Ball to All-Star Jrue Holiday and, consensus #1 overall pick, Zion Williamson is an entertaining prospect. According to @wojespn, a variety of teams are interested in acquiring the #4 pick from the Pelicans which could mean more talent for this young Pelicans team. This trade will be evaluated and re-evaluated for years to come.

The Skinny:
Ultimately, I like this move for both teams. The Lakers bring LeBron what he wanted and the Pelicans got an unbelievable haul which should set them up for years to come. The Raptors have shown that going all-in for a superstar is worth the risk. By no means am I expecting a title from the Lakers this year, but the chance to win one is definitely worth mortgaging their future.


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