NFL Week 2 Pick ‘Em

Thursday Night:

Tampa Bay @ Carolina:

You never really know what could happen on Thursday night games… except for this week. James Winston is terrible. He has so many terrific receivers and he continues to make bad decisions. Sure, Tampa Bay used a high pick on Winston but when is it time to pull the plug? Either way, Carolina takes this one and look for Christian McCaffery to have another big game.

Sunday Morning:

Indianapolis @ Tennessee:

I’m giving the edge to the Titans in this one but I expect a close game. The Colts aren’t rolling over with Brissett at the helm. From the boxscore, you’d think Titans stomped the Browns but Mayfield threw several garbage time INTs that helped Tennessee run up the score. The Titans will surprise everyone and open the season at 2-0.

LA Chargers @ Detroit:

The Lions tied the Arizona Cardinals last week. Tied them. Their 4th Quarter defense made Kyler Murray look like an MVP candidate. I don’t expect much from Detroit this year. The Chargers won a close one against Indy but this one won’t be close. Austin Ekeler is showing the world that the Chargers don’t need Melvin Gordon to win. Rivers will have a big day in the win.

Buffalo @ NY Giants:

The Giants defense made Dak Prescott look incredible last week. I’m assuming they’ll do wonders for Josh Allen. I don’t have much faith in either team to put up points consistently despite the Giants having a top-2 running back in the league. The Giants created their own quarterback controversy by playing Daniel Jones in garbage time last week. He didn’t look like an upgrade to me and it seems too early to move on from Eli. I’m picking the Giants, but I don’t feel good about it.

Arizona @ Baltimore:

Arizona is a team in transition. They appear to be trending upwards, but they’re starting from a deep trench. Baltimore is a playoff team. I don’t think the Cards have any chance in this one. Lamar’s threat to run is going to keep a safety underneath, which will create favorable matchups in the secondary. ┬áBaltimore by 20.

New England @ Miami:

I’m having trouble seeing a situation where Miami wins a game this season but if they were ever going to, it’d be against the Patriots. For some reason the Pats always seem to struggle in Miami. Maybe its the heat? I’m not sure. I feel comfortable saying the best team in football will beat the worst on Sunday in Miami. It’s worth mentioning that the spread for this game is (-19.5). Patriots in a landslide.

Dallas @ Washington:

Dallas looked great against the Giants, but it was the Giants. The Redskins had a great first half against the Redskins, but then the Eagles woke up. As much as it hurts me to say this, the Cowboys look good. Dak had a great week last week, my guess is that Zeke will eat this team alive. Dallas by two touchdowns.

Jacksonville @ Houston:

Houston looked really good in Monday night’s thrilling loss to the Saints. The Saints are a Super Bowl contender in my book so for the Texans to hang with them is a good sign. Jacksonville looked to be building something good until Nick Foles went down with a broken collar bone. It’s a crushing blow to their early season hopes. Houston wins this one and many more this season.

Seattle @ Pittsburgh:

Pittsburgh needs a win after the dismantling New England handed them on Sunday night. The Seahawks looked good but their defense was shredded by Andy Dalton and the Bengals’ speedy receivers. Steelers win a close, high scoring game. This should be a great game to watch regardless of fandom.

San Francisco @ Cincinnati:

This game will give us a better idea of what the 49ers can be. They beat the Bucs last week, but James Winston isn’t a winning quarterback. I think the Bengals offense will come back to earth and the Niners will steal one on the road.

Minnesota @ Green Bay:

I wasn’t impressed by what I saw from Green Bay against the Bears last week. I think their defense looked great against a floundering Bears offense, but the Vikings are ready to roll. I don’t like Kirk Cousins, but he looked good last week. I’m predicting we’ll see more of Rodgers looking exasperatedly at his O-Line and a Vikings win.

Sunday Afternoon:

Kansas City @ Oakland:

Kansas City is going to coast through their division this year. The Chargers are the only team that could give them a fight, but it not enough to worry about. Oakland got the win Monday night against the Broncos, but I’m not expecting big things from either club. Chiefs will win this one on the road and it won’t be a challenge.

New Orleans @ LA Rams:

Game of the week! Saints vs Rams will be a high-scoring matchup with plenty of backstory. In case anyone forgot, the Rams beat the Saints in the NFC Championship game on a controversial *bullshit* pass interference no-call (seen here). It still boggles my mind that this wasn’t called. Two officials had a perfect view of the play and the mind-numbing idiocy of not making that call led to coaches being able to challenge pass interference calls. Back to the matchup this Sunday. I think the Saints will look to prove that they belonged in the Super Bowl last year and win this one in a shootout. Either way, it’s going to be entertaining.

Chicago @ Denver:

I think the Bears offense was a little (ok, a lot) rusty week 1 against the Packers but they’ll hopefully have their shit together this week in Denver. I know Joe Flacco won’t do well against this Bears defense. The real test will be the Broncos defense. I think the Bears take this one in a low-scoring affair.

Sunday Night:

Philadelphia @ Atlanta:

Full disclosure: If this is the first time you’ve visited the site you might not be aware of the fact that I am an Eagles fan. Keep that in mind as you read on.

The Eagles looked atrocious in the first half of week 1. They were really scaring me. I thought I was in for a season of disappointment and hatred of Carson Wentz. Then the second half started and so did the season. The Eagles were clicking on all cylinders. Their run game looks balanced and effective. They have depth at wide receiver and the defense looks more than competent. Now we have to test all of that against a real team in Atlanta. I think the secondary will bode well against Julio because Matt Ryan’s arm isn’t what it used to be. Atlanta didn’t play well in Minnesota last week, but week 1 is never a good indicator of how the rest of the season will turn out. (Note the homerism in thinking success in week 1 for the Eagles is absolutely an indicator of future success.) Atlanta is usually a tough out in this league but I’m not sure they’re the team they used to be. I’m picking Philly to win this one. (Shocker!)

Monday Night:

Cleveland @ NY Jets:

Cleveland’s Super Bowl hopes were all but dashed in a week 1 pseudo-blowout against the Titans. The Jets should be a pushover for a talented Browns team but with the added wrinkle of Sam Darnold being out with Mono, they’ll likely steamroll the Jets on Monday night. The Browns will get their confidence back and they’ll be all over ESPN for the following week. Le’Veon Bell will have a thousand yards receiving in the loss. Browns by a touchdown or two.

Week 2 Super Bowl Prediction: Saints v Patriots


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