NFL Week 3 Pick ‘Em

Week 2 Results: 9-7

Week 3:

Thursday Night:

Tennessee @ Jacksonville:

Tennessee doesn’t look very strong to me and Jacksonville’s defense looked great against the Texans last week. Jalen Ramsey is demanding a trade because the Jags won’t play Man-to-Man defense, but I’m thinking the defense will still play well. I’m picking the Jags to win an ugly one.

Sunday Morning:

Cincinnati @ Buffalo:

Josh Allen is hit or miss every week and I’m thinking he’ll be a miss this week. The Bengals offense under Zac Taylor looks competent, which is more than I could say for the last few years. The Bills will need to establish the run and play defense to beat the Bengals. I’m picking Cincy in a close one.

Miami @ Dallas:

Will the Dolphins go 0-16?

Denver @ Green Bay:

Ok, so I was wrong about the Packers and Denver is the worst team in their division. I wonder what Denver saw in Flacco?

Atlanta @ Indianapolis:

The Falcons beat an injury-riddled Eagles on an incredible Julio Jones catch and run which should’ve been called back due to a blatant block in the back… but I digress. Their defense looked pretty good against the Eagles backups. I think it’s time for Brissett to show the NFL that he’s not a backup. I’m picking Indy to win this one at home.

Baltimore @ Kansas City:

This one should be a real barn burner. Two high powered offenses going head to head. I’m going with KC for two reasons. They’re playing in Kansas City and this is Baltimore’s first real game of the year. After demolishing the Dolphins, they only beat Arizona by a touchdown. I see a ton of potential here, but they need to prove themselves against real competition because I pick them to beat a Super Bowl contender like the Chiefs.

Oakland @ Minnesota:

Oakland looked pretty good in the first quarter against KC… and then the Chiefs put up 28 points in the 2nd. I’m not impressed by Oakland. Look for Minnesota’s defense to have a field day. Minnesota by 10.

NY Jets @ New England:

I can’t wait to pick the Patriots to lose, but it won’t be this week. The Jets aren’t a real team yet, Pats by a ton.

Detroit @ Philadelphia:

Even without being full-strength, the Eagles shouldn’t have any trouble with the Lions. Detroit tied the Cardinals in Week 1 and they squeaked by the Chargers in Week 2. Not sure if the win over the Chargers is impressive as it’s too early to tell. I’m picking Philly, but I’m assuming they’ll make me sweat. What else is new…

Sunday Afternoon:

Carolina @ Arizona:

It’s looking like Cam Newton won’t play on Sunday. That mean Arizona has a good chance to get a win if they can get a handle on Christian McCaffrey. If Murray can get the offense going early and force Carolina to throw the ball, this one could be over pretty early.

NY Giants @ Tampa Bay:

I don’t understand how Tampa Bay wins games. It seems like Jameis Winston is always working against them. The only reason I’m picking them to win today is that the Giants are starting Daniel Jones. Tampa Bay by 7.

Houston @ LA Chargers:

It’s time for the Chargers to get a statement win. Houston hasn’t looked quite right thus far. This one will be close, but I think the Chargers DBs will be the difference. Chargers by less than a touchdown.

Pittsburgh @ San Francisco:

The Niners have been a pleasant surprise early in the year. Their offense looks great and they have a chance to start the year 3-0. The Steelers are reeling after trading away Big Ben’s backup prior to his season-ending injury last week. This could prove to be a long year for the Steelers. San Francisco by 14.

New Orleans @ Seattle:

This looks like a bounce back game for Seattle. The drop-off from Brees to Bridgewater is significant but he’s a competent NFL Quarterback. Don’t expect the Saints to be a rollover but I think Seattle will take this one at home. Seahawks by 7.

Sunday Night:

LA Rams @ Cleveland:

It’s been a decade since the Browns have been on Sunday Night. That’s hilarious to me. The Rams defense will have to show how elite they are to win on the road. Cleveland isn’t more talented than the Rams, but Jared Goff has been awful on the road. I still think the Rams will win this one, but they’ll be fighting to overcome a poor Goff performance. Welcome back to the big show, Cleveland.

Monday Night:

Chicago @ Washington:

There’s prestige that goes with Sunday Night… but they’ll put anything on Monday Night. I’m glad I’ll be at a birthing class so I won’t have to subject myself to this game. I’m picking Washington in a low-scoring affair.


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