NFL Week 4 Pick ‘Em

Week 3 Results: 9-7
Overall Results: 18-14

Week 4 Pick ‘Em:

Thursday Night:

Philadelphia @ Green Bay:

The injury-riddled Philadelphia Eagles now have to play on short rest. The Packers will look to take advantage of an inexperienced Eagles receiving core. I’m picking the Packers here but this could be a sneaky bounce back game for the Eagles. If the Packers get the win, the Eagles will drop to 1-3, and I will continue to pull my hair out.

Thursday morning update on this one… fuck all of that! I’m picking the Eagles to win anyway! E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!

Sunday Morning:

Tennessee @ Atlanta:

Both teams are coming off of losses. Both are 1-2 after three weeks. I don’t think the Titans are up to the test. The Falcons will use this game to even up their record and make a run at a pretty open division.

New England @ Buffalo:

The Patriots always lose one game to a division opponent that they shouldn’t. I’m hoping it’s this week because I like to see them lose, but I bet with my wallet and not my heart. New England takes this one and moves to 4-0. Fun fact: New England is outscoring teams 106-17 through three weeks.

Kansas City @ Detroit:

It turns out, Detroit isn’t as bad as they looked against the Cardinals in Week 1. Unfortunately for them, they’re running into an offense they won’t be able to stop. KC wins this one on the road and improves to 4-0.

Oakland @ Indianapolis:

I like what Indy is building here with Brissett. Despite TY not being at full health, I’m picking the Colts to win at home over an up-and-coming Raiders team. They seem to be improving in spite of their idiotic methods.

LA Chargers @ Miami:

If you have any member of the Los Angeles Chargers on your fantasy team, this is the week to start them. The Dolphins are a dumpster fire that the front office doesn’t have any intention of putting out. Chargers by a ton.

Washington @ NY Giants:

Daniel Jones looked great last week in a win that Bruce Arians made sure they got by moving his own kicker back a few yards on the potential game winner because he’s “better from farther away”…. ummm ok Bruce. Jones gets a great matchup against a struggling Washington team. Barkley is out, but they’ll overcome in this one.

Cleveland @ Baltimore:

Baltimore proved it could hang with the big boys last week at KC. The Browns aren’t in that category yet. Baker Mayfield has struggled this season, but the rust will come off when the offense gets a little more comfortable with each other. The defense isn’t great either. Look for Lamar Jackson to have a big day in “Bawl-di-more”.

Carolina @ Houston:

Carolina looks revived with a new QB out there, but this will be a tough matchup for them on the road. I think Houston takes this one but it’ll be close.

Sunday Afternoon:

Tampa Bay @ LA Rams: (Survivor Pick)

The Rams look like a Super Bowl contender and the Bucs are still starting Jameis Winston. That’s all there is to this one. Don’t overthink it.

Seattle @ Arizona:

I know I said last week would be Kyler Murray’s first win in the NFL. I was wrong… but THIS week. This week is the week. The Seahawks are having fumbling problems with their starting RB Chris Carson and Pete Carroll is a boob. Look for the Birds to pull the upset at home.

Minnesota @ Chicago:

The Bears dominated Washington last week.. but that was Washington.. and they actually gave up 14 points to them. I don’t think the Bears are quite back on track. I think the Vikings steal one on the road and improve to 3-1 on the year.

Jacksonville @ Denver:

I’ve been really impressed with Jacksonville’s defense and Minshew looks like he’s a viable band-aid. I haven’t seen anything to make me believe Denver is a competent team. Flacco should’ve retired a Raven and moved on.

Sunday Night:

Dallas @ New Orleans:

The Saints are confident in Teddy Bridgewater and for good reason. He completed 70% of his passes, threw 2 TDs, and didn’t throw an interception against the Seahawks last week. Dallas finally plays some real competition… and I think and hope they’ll fold. Let’s bring Cowboy fans back down to earth in Prime-time.

Monday Night:

Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh:

We’ve had really bad luck on Monday Night outside of the Houston-New Orleans thriller in Week 1. Pitt will take this one at home despite a good effort from a revitalized Bengal offense. Last week of birthing class this Monday, so I won’t have to subject myself to this one either.


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