NFL Week 6 Pick ‘Em

Week 5 Results: 10-5
Overall Results: 36-26

Thursday Night:

NY Giants @ New England:

Oh… this one’s in New England? Sorry Daniel Jones. Even if Saquon comes back, I wouldn’t expect a repeat of the Giants/Patriots Super Bowls. This one will bring Giants fans back down to earth. Patriots have won their last five games on Thursday Night Football. I don’t know if that’s significant, but it’s not nothing.

Sunday Morning: 

Carolina @ Tampa Bay:

The Bucs hung in there against the Saints but they ultimately made my praise last week look unwarranted. Any smart person would change their tune and go with the Panthers here. Well not me. I’m doubling down hard. Bucs win at home.

Seattle @ Cleveland:

Turns out the Browns are still the Browns. Their offense isn’t clicking and they’re coming off a thrashing on Monday Night Football. The Niners defense held them to 3 points and their run game had a field day against the Browns defense. Look for Seattle to rely heavily on their competent run game and pick up the win on the road.

Houston @ Kansas City:

This could be reminiscent of the Chiefs/Rams game from last year. An absolute shootout could be in store. We’ll have to see how Mahomes’ ankle is holding up but something tells me he’ll be ready to roll come Sunday. This might be the game of the week. Kansas City wins in a game where both teams light up the scoreboard.

Washington @ Miami:

If the Dolphins are going to win this year, this is their chance. Washington just fired their head coach and they’re claiming they’ll be doubling down on running the ball. This could be Adrian Peterson’s last hurrah. This will be the least watched game of the week. I can’t believe I’m picking Miami. Maybe Josh Rosen will be able to get something going. I feel so badly for him. He’s been in two shit-show situations (say that three times fast) in his first two years. He deserves better than the Dolphins.

Philadelphia @ Minnesota:

Philly in Minnesota??? I’m having a flashback…

Eagles by 100.

New Orleans @ Jacksonville:

I’m picking the Saints, but I think this will be a closer game than some expect it to be. I like what the Jags have been putting together on both offense and defense. I think this team has a bright future but the Saints are happening now. They’ve proven they can win without Brees and they’ll do so on the road this week.

Cincinnati @ Baltimore:

Oh man… Attention fantasy owners: You must start your Baltimore Ravens. Do not think twice. The Ravens will put up a ton of points this week against a Bengal team that is lost right now. The Bengals are winless thus far, and that won’t change this week. Do your thing Lamar.

Sunday Afternoon:

San Francisco @ LA Rams:

The Rams need to get a win this week after a heartbreaking loss to the Seahawks. The Niners can prove they’re the favorites in this division with a win over the Rams. This is the game of the week in my eyes. I haven’t been all that impressed by the Rams this year, but the Niners… phew… the Niners look pretty damn good. I’m picking San Fran to win this one and do so with a dominating run game.

Atlanta @ Arizona:

I think we find out just how bad the Falcons are this week. They haven’t won a game outside of beating a decimated Eagles team in Week 2. I really think the Cards win their second in a row here and the Falcons decide to tank if they haven’t already. This could be a close game, but it’ll be bad football on both sides.

Tennessee @ Denver:

I’m not really sure where to start with this one. Honestly, who cares who wins this game. Neither of these teams is going anywhere fast. I’m picking the Titans to win this one because they at least have a direction. The Broncos’ plans seem shortsighted. Why bring in Flacco? Your team isn’t in a position to win, so why bring in a QB who aged out of his last job? Titans win on the road.

Dallas @ NY Jets:

The Jets are a mess. This one pretty obviously goes to Dallas even though they’re coming off a pretty devastating loss against the Packers at home. The score was closer than that game seemed but playing the Jets will be a chance to get back on track.

Sunday Night:

Pittsburgh @ LA Chargers:

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this game will not be the exciting game it was billed to be when the NFL made the schedule. Now, the Sunday Night crowd will be treated to third string quarterback Devlin Hodges. If the Chargers don’t take advantage and win this one at home, I wouldn’t expect much else from them this year. This is a golden opportunity and if they blow it, they should just throw in the towel on the year. I’m picking the Chargers, but only because I have no idea what to expect from Pittsburgh.

Monday Night:

Detroit @ Green Bay:

I know I already said that San Francisco vs LA was the game of the week but I’d like to nominate a second game of the week. This is an NFC North showdown that will pit the two best teams in the best division against one another. I think the Lions and Packers will split their season series against one another. My wallet is telling me that home field advantage will be the difference in this one but my heart is telling me the Lions will win coming off a bye week… so I’m going with the Lions. Let’s bring your office Packer fans back down to earth in front of a national audience.

Bye Weeks: Buffalo, Chicago, Indianapolis, Oakland





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