NFL Week 8 Pick ‘Em

Week 7 Results: 10-4
Overall Results: 52-38

Thursday Night:

Washington @ Minnesota:

Minnesota looks like they could possibly make a run into the playoffs here. They can still win their division. They’re 5-2 and play the Packers two days before Christmas which could be for the division. They’re picking up strength and should plow through the atrocious Washington football team.

Sunday Morning:

Seattle @ Atlanta:

Atlanta should start trying out some stuff because what they’re doing isn’t working. Unless what they’re doing is tanking. Seattle hasn’t looked magnificent the past few weeks but they have to win this one to be taken seriously.

Philadelphia @ Buffalo:

Oh, Philly. The entire team is to blame for this awful run of games. The insane thing is that their season isn’t over yet. Sure, the Cowboys smashed them in front of the entire country, but the Cowboys still aren’t good. The Eagles made them look like world beaters but don’t forget the Jets embarrassed them just two weeks ago. The division is still winnable but I’m not putting my money on them until they show me something. Bills take this one and move to a miraculous 6-1. The Bills are really good you guys. Their only loss is to the Patriots and that was a battle. The Pats took it 16-10 and the Bills gave them trouble. The rematch will come the week of Christmas.

LA Chargers @ Chicago:

I really don’t know what to expect from the Bears these days but the Chargers are on a serious skid right now that doesn’t look like it’ll come to an end against the Bears front seven. I’m going with the Bears even though I have no real confidence in their offense.

NY Giants @ Detroit:

The Giants lost last week to the Cardinals in a game I thought for sure their offense should’ve dominated. They’re not quite ready for prime time yet, so I’m going with the Lions to win at home. The Lions look good this year but they’re in an incredibly tough division. This good year from them could result in a third place finish.

Tampa Bay @ Tennessee:

The Titans 3-4 record is a bit misleading. They’re actually worse than that. They did make the right decision in benching Marcus Mariota. They seemed overcommitted to him despite his lack of production. They weren’t ready to throw in the white towel on him but Ryan Tannehill has outplayed him, which isn’t saying much. Tampa Bay has been Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, or rather Jameis Winston has. Their defense has been pretty good this year but you never know if Winston will throw 5 TDs or 5 INTs. This should be a high scoring affair in which the Bucs receivers show their stuff, but without knowing what Winston will do it’s hard to predict. I’m still going with the Bucs, but only time will tell which version of Jameis shows up.

Denver @ Indianapolis:

The Colts have beaten the Chiefs and Texans in back to back weeks. I’d look for them to continue rolling past this Broncos team that has shown improvement, but won’t be able to deal with Marlon Mack and T.Y. Hilton.

Cincinatti @ LA Rams:

This one could get ugly pretty quickly. The Rams should make easy work of the Bengals who don’t seem to have a plan. Their only direction at this point is down.

Arizona @ New Orleans:

This could be the last week of Teddy Bridgewater. He’s done a spectacular job of keeping the Saints afloat with Brees out. Brees should be back after their bye week and the Saints should hang onto Bridgewater for the long run. They’ve found their Brees replacement. Saints win this one at home, but the Cards won’t be an easy out. They’ve proven they’re headed in the right direction. Their division is too good this year, but look for them to make noise in the coming years.

Correction: It looks like Brees will be back this week against the Cardinals. Not entirely sure why they wouldn’t give him more rest, but I’m sure Saints fans will be happy to see him return.

NY Jets @ Jacksonville:

The Jets are still the Jets. The Jags are 3-4 in a wide-open division. They can still make the playoffs this year. Their defense and running game have both looked pretty good this year. Maybe Nick Foles will get healthy right before the playoffs.. sound familiar?

Sunday Afternoon:

Carolina @ San Francisco:

San Fran is smashing everything and everyone in their path. Don’t expect this week to be any different. Don’t overthink this one, just pick the Niners.

Cleveland @ New England:

As easy as it is to pick the 49ers every week, it should be even easier to pick the Pats every week. Their defense is unbelievably good and they have the best QB do ever do it backing them up. I’m not sure if anyone can beat them this year.

Oakland @ Houston:

My boss, who is a Raiders fan, told me today that the Raiders will be fine this weekend because they’re “only playing the Texans”. I’m not sure if she hasn’t been watching or what the deal is but the Raiders should be very worried about “only playing the Texans” in Houston. The Raiders have been inconsistent this year. They are not to be trusted. The Texans are favored by 6.5 and I agree with Vegas. Go with Houston.

Sunday Night:

Green Bay @ Kansas City:

The spread on this game is surprising to me. The Packers are favored to win by 4 points despite the game being in Kansas City. Most times, the home team is favored by 3 points just for playing at home. Which means that Vegas thinks that if this were played on a neutral site, the Packers should win by 7 points. Idk if I’m seeing it. The Packers lost to the Eagles in Lambeau and beat the Lions with help from the officials. The only “real” team they’ve beaten is the Vikings. I’m not ready to pick them over the Chiefs at home. I think Mahomes will look better this week after having some time to heal up that sprained ankle. I’m going with the Chiefs.

Update (10/26/19): Mahomes won’t play against the Packers which, oddly enough, will give the Chiefs a better shot at winning. I think a healthy Matt Moore will prove to be better than Mahomes on one foot. Sticking with the Chiefs at home.

Monday Night:

Miami @ Pittsburgh:

Miami and Pittsburgh? Even if everyone had stayed healthy, this wouldn’t have been a good matchup for a Monday Night game. Do they even try to give us good games on Monday Night any more? I’m picking Pitt because the Dolphins might be the worst team we’ve ever seen and this is coming from someone who watched the Lions go 0-16 in 2008.

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