NFL Week 9 Pick ‘Em

Week 8 Results: 11-4
Overall Results: 63-42

Thursday Night:

San Francisco @ Arizona:

The 49ers look like a Super Bowl favorite… the Cardinals do not. Kyler Murray has shown he’s going to stick around but their season is built upon improvement, not winning. The Niners should demolish the Cards at home.

Sunday Morning, London:

Houston “@” Jacksonville:

This is slowly becoming a home game for Jacksonville. This will be their 7th game in London. You’ve gotta think they’re getting used to playing across the pond but it’s the Jags, so who knows. I am going with the Jags because Houston just can’t seem to stay healthy. DeShaun Watson had an unbelievable play at the end of the game against Oakland last week to get the win, but my worry is that they needed a miracle last play to beat the Raiders. I’m going with the Jags, but it’s more of a gut feeling than anything else.

Sunday Morning:

Washington @ Buffalo:

Buffalo looked pretty bad against the Eagles last week but I wouldn’t expect a second consecutive home loss. Washington still hasn’t changed the name of their team and they’re in a death spiral. Coincidence? Yeah, probably. Bills by 10.

Minnesota @ Kansas City:

The Chiefs put up a valiant fight against the Packers last week without Patrick Mahomes. I’m glad they let him sit to get healthy, they’re going to need him down the stretch and into the playoffs. I’m taking the Chiefs to get things back on track at home against the Vikings. It’s not going to be easy though. The Vikings defense and run game are for real. Kirk Cousins sucks though. He shredded the Eagles defense, but who doesn’t.

NY Jets @ Miami:

If Miami were ever going to win a game, this one would be it… but they’re not going to win a game so I’m taking the Jets.

Chicago @ Philadelphia:

The Eagles need this game right now. They beat the Bills last week but they didn’t really fix any of their problems. Mitch Trubisky is a complete mess. The coaching staff doesn’t trust him AT ALL. The Eagles defense should be able to handle the Bears offense, but the Bears defense will force them to pass and that’s not a strong suit of the Eagles. I’m picking the Eagles to take this one, but they’re going to be forced to catch a few passes. *Sign of the cross* Please don’t fuck us, Agholor.

Indianapolis @ Pittsburgh:

I really like Indy. I like that they run the ball and in my head, they have a good defense. It’s going to be tough to go to Pittsburgh and steal one on the road, but I have faith in the Colts.

Tennessee @ Carolina:

It looks like Mariota is done for good in Tennessee as Tannehill continues to look good. Maybe good isn’t the right word, but he manages. Either way, Carolina will take this one and McCaffrey will be happy when he looks across the line of scrimmage and doesn’t see red and gold.

Sunday Afternoon:

Detroit @ Oakland:

I’ve lost faith in both of these teams. Ok, to be fair I didn’t really have any faith in the Raiders to begin with but the Lions have been rapidly declining through the year. I have more faith in the Lions overall, so I’m going with them. Neither of these teams will matter down the stretch.

Tampa Bay @ Seattle:

Expect a shootout in Seattle. The Seahawks secondary is garbage, but so is Jameis Winston. Bruce Arians never loses faith in his offense, though. Winston may have 4 turnovers by himself in this game, but through perseverance, it’s possible he may also throw 4 TDs. Chris Carson is 4th in the league in rush yards, but if they want to win, they’ve got to rely on Russell Wilson to pull something out of his ass. This Bucs D was really impressive at the outset of the season and they have the ability to impress again. I’m picking Seattle at home, but it’s only because I can’t put my hard earned cash on Jameis Winston.

Cleveland @ Denver:

Flacco isn’t going to play against the Browns this weekend. I’m not even sure if that’s a good thing or not for the Broncos. Cleveland is coming off a week where they got hammered on and off the field. I think they’ll be out to prove something and the Broncos should’ve packed it in a few weeks ago.

Green Bay @ LA Chargers:

The Chargers are terrible. I don’t know what happened, but it happened. Philip Rivers looks bad. They fired their offensive coordinator. That may help them in the long run, but they’re running into the Packers and this will be a 9th home game for Green Bay. Playing in Carson has been a disaster for the Chargers. I don’t know if things will get any better after they move into their new stadium but it couldn’t get any worse. Green Bay will win this one by a bunch in front of a crowd of Packer fans in Carson.

Sunday Night:

New England @ Baltimore:

One of the top offenses is going against the top defense in Baltimore this Sunday night. The Patriots defense has been unbelievable to this point and Belichick typically shreds first and second year rookie quarterbacks. The Pats haven’t seen anything like Lamar Jackson yet this year, but something tells me it won’t be a problem. I’m hoping this one will be exciting, but something tells me the Pats win this one on D.

Monday Night:

Dallas @ NY Giants:

People always say you never know what could happen in a divisional game…. but we know about this one, don’t we? Dallas is coming into New Jersey with a division leading 4-3 record but the Giants defense can’t stop anyone. This could be a big day for the Cowboys offense. Danny Dimes is still finding himself in this offense, but he’s making steady progress. Cowboys win in a blowout on Monday Night.

Bye Weeks: Atlanta, Cincinnati, LA Rams, New Orleans

Super Bowl Prediction: Patriots v 49ers

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