NFL Week 10 Pick ‘Em

Week 9 Record: 7-7
Overall Record: 70-49 

Thursday Night:

LA Chargers @ Oakland:

I already wrote off both of these teams but after strong showings from both last week… I’m still leaving them in the “officially written off” column. The Chargers looked good last week against the Packers at home but the Packers seem to be all or nothing this year. I have no clue what to make of them. I do, however, know what to make of the Raiders… they’re not going anywhere. Chargers win this one but neither of these teams ultimately make the playoffs.

Sunday Morning:

Detroit @ Chicago:

Chicago’s offense is soooo bad. I doubt Mitch will be the starting QB next year. Nagy should stay but their GM should probably start applying other places. The Lions have exceeded expectations (which isn’t saying much), but they still sit 3rd in their division just after the halfway point. Lions take this one because the Bears just can’t do anything on offense.

Baltimore @ Cincinnati:

I was convinced that the Patriots would be able to adjust and shut down Lamar. Boy, was I wrong. The Ravens knew the Patriots run-D wasn’t anything to write home about and they took advantage all night. The Patriots looked lost out there. Could the Pats have been benefitting from their easy first half schedule or are the Ravens the best team in the AFC? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Either way, Ravens will obliterate the Bengals.

Buffalo @ Cleveland:

The Browns are completely falling apart. Reports of Odell Beckham Jr. possibly being traded have surfaced and the Browns look like..well, the Browns. Buffalo, on the other hand, looks nothing like your typical Bills team. The Bills have the top wild card spot at this juncture. They’re playing pretty good defense and their offense is capable. Bills take this one in Cleveland.

Kansas City @ Tennessee:

The Titans are at the bottom of a mediocre division and the Chiefs are rolling along without their starting QB. KC just wants it more. I don’t see a way the Titans take this one at home. I’m going with the Chiefs regardless of who starts at QB this week.

Atlanta @ New Orleans:

Atlanta is a sad shell of their former selves. Lots of familiar faces and nothing to show for it. The Saints should obliterate the Falcons after having a well-earned week off.

NY Giants @ NY Jets:

This one is a real battle of the titans. The 1-7 Jets against the 2-7 Giants. The Giants have no defense, and the Jets have no hope. Some thought they might look to trade LeVeon Bell at the deadline. Some reports even suggested that the Steelers wanted him back. Hey Pittsburgh, GTFOH. I’m picking the Giants here because they have a better offense, but who really knows. Another inconsequential game in East Rutherford.

Arizona @ Tampa Bay:

This one might actually be fun. I’d expect a lot of scoring in this one. The Cardinals defense will generate a lot of turnovers because Jameis loves to turn the ball over. Hell, he does it professionally. I’m still picking Tampa Bay here, but it’s because they’re a more talented team overall.

Sunday Afternoon:

Miami @ Indianapolis:

I can’t quite figure out what it is, but I really like this Colts team. Obviously, I’m going to pick them over the Dolphins, but they’re 5-3 and have a shot at the playoffs. I guess I just like an underdog story.


Carolina @ Green Bay:

Green Bay seems to be the pick here. They’re playing at home and coming off a dud of a performance in Carson, CA. I’m thinking the opposite. I think Carolina has a lot to prove and more specifically, Kyle Allen has a lot to prove. The Panthers are 3-1 on the road and I think they’ll improve to 4-1 behind a big performance from Christian McCaffrey.

LA Rams @ Pittsburgh:

Pittsburgh is showing that they can still compete despite losing their franchise QB for the year. Their defense has really stepped up. They have some work to do if they want to make the playoffs. This seems exactly like the type of game where the Rams have a setback. A good defense going up against a team traveling across the country into a cold they aren’t used to. I think the Steelers surprise the casual fan and take down the Rams at home.

Sunday Night:

Minnesota @ Dallas:

I’m obviously biased, but I’m still not sold on the Cowboys. Honestly, I’m not really sold on the Vikings either. Sure they both shredded the Eagles, but that’s not saying much these days. The Cowboys are the division leader at 5-3 with the disjointed Eagles nipping at their heels at 5-4. The Vikings are 6-3 and a close second behind at the 7-2 Packers in the NFC North. I think the Vikings may just want this one more and frankly, I’d love to see the Cowboys lose on National TV.

Monday Night:

Seattle @ San Francisco:

The 49ers sagged off against the Cardinals on a short week. I wouldn’t expect that again. This defense is going to give Russell Wilson a tough time this week. I’m picking the Niners in this one, but I wouldn’t rule out the Seahawks. Wilson will have to keep them in the game on offense though, because their defense is going to give up big time rush yards to these San Fran running backs. Should be high scoring.


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