NFL Week 11 Pick ‘Em

Week 10 Results: 4-9
Overall Results: 74-58

Thursday Night:

Pittsburgh @ Cleveland:

The Browns beat the Bills last week and seem to have started to turn their ship in the right direction. ‘Seem’ is the key word there. The Bills are a fake good team. They proved that by losing to the Eagles and the Browns. The Browns haven’t beaten anyone and the Eagles couldn’t even properly put away the Bears. Pittsburgh, on the other hand, has actually headed the right direction. Their defense is the real deal. They’re going to go into Cleveland on a short week and show the Browns what a real defense looks like.

Sunday Morning:

Dallas @ Detroit:

It’s time to officially write off the Lions. They suck and they’re injured. Dallas SHOULD be able to run into Detroit and take care of business, but the Cowboys are actually a fake good team too. I can see them making the playoffs but when they play good teams, they fold. I’m taking Dallas here with a decent level of confidence.

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis:

FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLES is back!!! Let’s do this Nick! I can’t believe Indy let me down and lost to the Dolphins. The Dolphins can’t even tank properly. Back to the game at hand. If the Jags choose to run an RPO (Run-Pass Option) heavy offensive scheme, they could be successful against the Colts. The combo of Foles and Fournette should be lethal in an RPO. Jacksonville wins in Foles’ return.

Buffalo @ Miami:

Even though Miami has been playing better as of late, the Bill should take this one. They’re the better team and the only one of the two that aren’t blatantly trying to tank. Bills go down to Miami and end the Dolphins two-game win streak. You read that correctly.

Denver @ Minnesota:

The 3-6 Broncos will not be beating the 7-3 Vikings at home. I have to hand it to resident douchebag Kirk Cousins. Stephon Diggs is making him look like a real QB. The Vikings might actually do something this year. We’ll see what they’re really made of when they take on Seattle after their bye. They should coast against the middling Broncos at home.

New Orleans @ Tampa Bay:

The Saints should use this game to get back on track. I had high hopes for this Bucs defense at the beginning of the year. I was going to write about how hard it is to defend when you’re on the field for the entire game due to Winston’s endless turnovers but the Bucs are 6th in time of possession! How is that possible??? Maybe

NY Jets @ Washington:

The Washington football team will start Dwayne Haskins for the rest of the season. At least they’ve decided a direction for their team. The Jets are a complete mess. I don’t think I’d feel comfortable picking them for the rest of the year despite their win last week against the Giants. Washington wins this one and both teams go home and contemplate their existences.

Atlanta @ Carolina:

Tara told me to pick Atlanta in this one but she couldn’t tell me exactly why. I’m going with the Panthers for obvious reasons but she needed me to note that she picked the Falcons because she thinks she’s going to have a moment when they win.

Houston @ Baltimore:

This is gonna be a fun one. DeShaun Watson going against Lamar Jackson. I love watching both of these guys. The Texans are going to win their division but I don’t think they have what it takes to make it to the big show. The Ravens, on the other hand, are working their way into being my Super Bowl pick. They have more to prove, but I think they’ll be well on their way after this one.

Sunday Afternoon:

Arizona @ San Francisco:

The Cardinals are really coming into their own, but they’re still a little green. San Francisco is looking to rebound from their loss to the Seahawks. The fact that last week’s game went into OT says a lot about them as a team. They were injury-riddled and still managed to only lost by a field goal in OT against a team built to make some noise in the NFC Playoffs. Niners take this one at home behind a powerful run game and stingy defense.

Cincinnati @ Oakland:

I’m thinking the Bengals won’t win another game this year. The Raiders aren’t anything to write home about, but the Bengals are a complete dumpster fire.

New England @ Philadelphia:

Watch this video first before you go any further. You know who I’m picking in this one. The Eagles will welcome Tom Brady to Philadelphia the only way they know how. E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES! ON a more serious note, the Eagles have to establish the run game against the Pats to have any chance in this one. I do believe the Eagles can win this one, it’s not entirely a bit.

Sunday Night:

Chicago @ LA Rams:

The Bears can’t get anything going on offense and this isn’t the week to get started. The Rams defense should eat up Mitch Trubisky and we’ll see a lot of rushing attempts from the Rams because this should be a blowout. Rams by a ton at home.

Monday Night:

Kansas City @ LA Chargers:

It’s a division matchup where anything can happen… but it won’t. The Chiefs will win this one in Carson and we’ll get another poorly scheduled Monday night game. Although, some dedicated time to watch Mahomes work will be worth it.


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