NFL Week 12 Pick ‘Em

Week 11 Results: 8-6
Overall Results: 82-66

Thursday Night:

Indianapolis @ Houston:

Houston was absolutely drubbed by the Ravens last week, but that happens to everyone so I’m not too worried. The Texans defense isn’t great but I don’t think DeShaun Watson will let the Texans lose at home to this Colts team on the mend. It’s hard to believe that this game will decide the lead in the division, but here we are.

Sunday Morning:

Tampa Bay @ Atlanta:

The Falcons have now dominated both the Saints and Panthers at home in back to back weeks. Their defense has clicked and the Bucs are running into the Falcons at the worst time possible. The Bucs weren’t going anywhere, but the Falcons are going to make sure they don’t even get out of the garage. I’m picking the Falcons to win this one and Jameis Winston to give up the ball four times.

Denver @ Buffalo:

The Bills are still in line for a Wild Card spot in this year’s playoffs. Denver never really got going, but they have looked slightly better in recent weeks. The most exciting part of this game is Frank Gore, who is only 46 yards behind Barry Sanders on the All-Time Rushing list. Bill get the win and Gore will move to third all-time in rushing yards.

NY Giants @ Chicago:

The Bears a mess but the Giants don’t have a defense at all. I think Chicago will be better off if they start Chase Daniel. Ultimately, this game doesn’t mean anything except that Daniel Jones will get more playing time and can try to develop more chemistry with his receivers. I’m taking the Bears in this one, but it’s only because they have a talented defense.

Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati:

The Bengals are a complete dumpster fire at this point, but I would love to see them kick the shit out of Mason Rudolph. The Steelers defense had gotten it together before the Browns game so I think we’ll see them get back on track here and get the win in Cincinnati.

Miami @ Cleveland:

If the Dolphins were to win this one, we would get one hell of a meltdown in the post-game presser from Baker Mayfield. Unfortunately, I don’t think we’ll have the pleasure of enjoying that because the Browns SHOULD be able to handle the Dolphins in Cleveland. I have no faith in either one of these teams and neither of them should be taken seriously.

Carolina @ New Orleans:

The Panthers give off the feel of a much better team because they have an MVP candidate in Christian McCaffrey, but they’re actually not that great. The Saints, who are a real contender in Drew Brees’ 19th season, shouldn’t have any trouble winning this one at home.

Oakland @ NY Jets:

As wild as this is… the Raiders need to win this one to keep pace in the AFC West. If they want to be taken seriously, these are the games they’ll have to convincingly win. The Jets are still the Jets.

Seattle @ Philadelphia:

This is a huge game for both teams. Seattle is fighting for a first-round bye and Philly for a playoff berth. I have no expectations for Philly but I’m still picking them to win because the game is at home and the receivers were so bad against the Pats that I feel like they’ll bounce back. Carson needs to get rid of the ball faster than he has, but part of that is his receivers getting open. Carson also needs to understand what it means to be open in the NFL. You need to throw guys open rather than let them get open and then toss the ball their way. Seattle’s defense is beatable and they’re banged up at WR. The Eagles defense played well against the Patriots but I wouldn’t count out a huge game for Josh Gordon with Tyler Lockett out with a hip injury. I’m picking Philly because my heart is telling me to. Sidenote: If not for Lamar Jackson, Russell Wilson would have a serious case for MVP this year.

Detroit @ Washington:

How close are we to disbanding Washington? They’re still a team? The only reason to watch this game is to see that Matt Stafford isn’t the best QB on the Lions. Driskell has looked more crisp and athletic than Stafford in the few times I’ve taken the time to check out the Lions over the past few weeks. The Lions will take this one over the worst team in the NFC.

Sunday Afternoon:

Jacksonville @ Tennessee:

This will be known as the “other game” because no one outside of the southeast will be tuning into this one. I don’t really know where the breakdown is for the Jags, because they should be much better. If there’s anyone I’d put my faith in, it’s Nick Foles. The man is a miracle waiting to happen. Don’t get me wrong the miracle isn’t happening in Tennessee against the Titans, but it could… ok, it won’t. Titans will handle the Jags at home.

Dallas @ New England:

Rookie Quarterback Jarrett Stidham could be starting for the Patriots on Sunday afternoon against the Cowboys… but that doesn’t change my pick here. I think the Patriots will win without Brady and cause a media shitstorm. “Was Brady a system QB all this time???” “Does Bill Belichick even need Brady to win?” “Tom Brady managing his load disgusts me. I used to play basketball in college.” That last one was Doris Burke. Anyway, I need the Cowboys to lose this. This Brady injury couldn’t have come at a worse time for the Eagles, who need the Cowboys to lose in order to keep pace in the NFC East.

Sunday Night:

Green Bay @ San Francisco:

Game of the week right here. I can’t wait to see the 49er defense go up against Aaron Jones and this Packer offense. The Packers pretty consistently give up about 24 points. The Niners love to run the ball down their opponent’s throats and the Packers give up the 8th most rushing yards this year. San Francisco’s slow, plodding style will eat up the clock and won’t give Rodgers the opportunity to do what he does best. 49ers win this one 24-17.

Monday Night:

Baltimore @ LA Rams:

The Rams beat up on bad teams. The Ravens are not a bad team. The Ravens will win. I look forward to watching Lamar Jackson and the Ravens ever week now. I’m glad this game is Monday night, so I don’t have to share the screen with any other game. Ravens will improve to 9-2 in the Coliseum this Monday.

Teams on their Bye Week: Cardinals, Chiefs, Vikings, Chargers


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