NFL Week 15 Pick ‘Em

Week 14 Record: 10-6
Overall Record: 109-83

Thursday Night:

NY Jets @ Baltimore:

Lamar Jackson was a little banged up this past week, but that won’t stop him from suiting up against the Jets at home. The Ravens will keep rolling and will most likely earn the top seed in the AFC.

Sunday Morning:

New England @ Cincinnati:

This might be the worst game of the day. The Pats really need a win and the Bengals are trying to lose. It’d be hilarious if New England lost this one. It’d NEVER happen. There’s absolutely NO WAY that could EVER happen #ReverseJinx

Tampa Bay @ Detroit:

Detroit had me fooled for a portion of the early season, but I’ve seen the light. The Bucs love to air it out and the Lions love to lose. Tampa Bay will take this one on the road.

Chicago @ Green Bay:

I’m thinking this would be a great time for the Bears to steal one on the road. If you asked me a month ago about this one, I would’ve laughed at the thought of picking the Bears but I just have a feeling. Hopefully I don’t look like a jackass!

Houston @ Tennessee:

I love Tennessee the past few weeks. Such a great turnaround after benching Mariota. They’ve got the running game working and I think they have the offensive line and defense to beat the Texans in Tennessee on Sunday. That’s not a knock on Houston, because they’ve been impressive this year, but I think this is the Titans week.

Denver @ Kansas City:

The Broncos are on a two game winning streak but that’ll end in Kansas City this week. Drew Lock has played some great football since being handed the starting job. The Chiefs offense will be too much to handle for Denver but this game might be closer than some think.

Miami @ NY Giants:

Eli Manning will get his Swan Song at home against the Dolphins on Sunday and he’s more than earned it. The 2x Super Bowl MVP looked great against the trash Eagles secondary. Eli will go out on a high note in a potential shootout with Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Dolphins. Giants take this one in an emotional end for Eli.

Philadelphia @ Washington:

The Eagles are somehow still in playoff contention despite being 6-7. Washington has no playoff hopes but Dwayne Haskins hopes to play spoiler at home against a VERY beatable Eagles team. Washington beat the falling Panthers and dreadful Lions before losing a close one to the Packers. They’re a team on the rise, so don’t expect this to be a cakewalk for an Eagles team who consistently underperforms and will have some serious changes this offseason. I’m picking Philly, but that’s because my soul won’t allow me to choose otherwise.

Seattle @ Carolina:

The Panthers have completely fallen off a cliff in recent weeks. This should be a tune-up for Seattle before the playoffs. I don’t have a ton of faith in the Rams, so I was surprised to see that they handled the Seahawks so easily. This is the Seahawks chance to get back on track and figure out where they failed against LA.

Sunday Afternoon:

Jacksonville @ Oakland:

The Raiders aren’t out of it quite yet, but they have a steep road to get into the playoffs. They would have to catch the Steelers, which seems impossible but could happen. They won’t eliminate themselves by using to the Jags on Sunday, but I also wouldn’t hold my breath.

Cleveland @ Arizona:

The Cardinals are actually in better shape than the Browns going forward, which would’ve been a crazy thing to say at the beginning of the year. I’m not saying they’re better than the Browns (they are, but I’m not saying that), I’m saying they’re going to be better in the long run. Baker Mayfield is starting to seem like he is what he is, whereas Kyler Murray seems to get better every week. Either way, that’s not the point. I think the Cards will take this one at home in what could be one of the last times we get to see Larry Fitzgerald.

Minnesota @ LA Chargers:

The Vikings are hanging on to the last Wild Card spot in the NFC and I don’t expect them to cough it up against the lowly Chargers. Philip Rivers was in danger of being benched a few weeks ago and they have a lot of decisions to make this offseason.

LA Rams @ Dallas:

The Cowboys have still not beaten a team with a winning record. I’m going with the numbers and the Rams. I’m not completely sold on the Rams still but the NFC East is a garbage fire. The division will come down to the Eagles/Cowboys matchup just like everyone thought it might. The Rams are actually on the outside looking in right now and would need some help to get in. I would expect them to come in and handle their business in Dallas.

Atlanta @ San Francisco:

The Niners are still the cream of the crop in the NFC. They hold the #1 seed and I can’t see them losing ground at home against the Falcons. Sorry Atlanta fans, Matt Ryan has a long way to go on his current contract.

Sunday Night:

Buffalo @ Pittsburgh:

The Bills put up quite a fight against the best team in the league last week, but I still feel like they’re a fake good team. I think Pittsburgh will take this one by taking the Bills offense out of their game. This Steelers defense has looked great and been making adjustments to remain competitive. Should be a close, low-scoring, but exciting game.

Monday Night:

Indianapolis @ New Orleans:

Drew Brees will become the All-Time Leader in Passing Touchdowns on Monday Night. Is he going to break all of the passing records on Monday Night Football? I don’t think the Colts have any chance against the Saints at home.

Enjoy your week, everyone and good luck in your fantasy playoffs!




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