Week 16 NFL Pick ‘Em

Week 15 Record: 10-6 (62.5%)
Overall Record: 119-89 (57.2%)

Saturday Morning:

Houston @ Tampa Bay:

Tampa Bay have had their top two receivers go down in consecutive weeks. It doesn’t seem to have stopped their overall fantasy value, but as far as actual value goes… they’re going to continue to leave fans wanting more. Houston needs this game to keep pace in the AFC South and hold off the Titans. Give me Houston in this one.

Saturday Afternoon:

Buffalo @ New England:

I’m expecting another low-scoring affair. The Bills offense is going to have to get something going to have a chance in this one. Their defense did a great job against the Pats earlier this year and has been their saving grace all year. Josh Allen will have to put on a show to win in Foxboro. Patriots defense will be the difference maker. I’m taking the Pats at home.

Saturday Night:

LA Rams @ San Francisco:

I have no faith in week to week success from the LA Rams. They beat up on the Seahawks and then got clobbered by the Cowboys. There’s no consistency. The Niners should handle the Rams. The Rams are effectively eliminated but they won’t give up because crazier things have happened.

Sunday Morning:

Jacksonville @ Atlanta:

The Falcons miraculously took down the 49ers last week in San Francisco. I wouldn’t count on them beating one of the best teams in the league again this year, but they can handle the Jags. Jacksonville has been a rollercoaster ride all year. They don’t have a ton figured out going into the off-season. I’m going with Atlanta at home.

Baltimore @ Cleveland:

We all know better than to pick against B-more. Lamar Jackson and the Ravens will head into Cleveland to take care of business against the spiraling Browns.

New Orleans @ Tennessee:

The Saints still have a chance at the top seed in the NFC. Brees and Michael Thomas are on their way to becoming one of the best one-two punches in history. Brees is now the all-time leader in passing touchdowns as well as yards. Is he a product of a change in rules or is it time to start asking if he is a Top-10 QB of all-time? I had high hopes for this Titans team but they don’t look like they’re going to make the playoffs this year. They started out rough, but figured it out a little too late. If they can keep this core and build on it a bit, they can make a run next year. I think the Saints will end the Titans season this week with a win.

Carolina @ Indianapolis:

The Colts and Panthers both left a lot to be desired on the field this year. The Panthers still have playmakers though and I think that’ll be the difference in this one. Has Cam Newton played his last game in Carolina blue? There’s plenty of teams out there who’d be willing to roll the dice on him, even post injury.

Cincinnati @ Miami:

This looked like it was going to be the Tua Bowl but the Bengals have run away with the worst record in the league. Neither team has a reason to win, but Fitzpatrick has historically done a great job at hosing his own teams when they’d like to lose. The guy is a competitor. I’m picking the Dolphins at home.

Pittsburgh @ NY Jets:

Pittsburgh controls it’s own destiny as far as the playoffs are concerned. If they win out, they’re in. Easier said than done. Sure, they can beat the Jets this week but they have to roll in Baltimore next week. Fortunately for them, the Titans (who are vying for the same spot) have to play the Saints this week. The Steelers are in the driver’s seat here. This week will be a win for Pitt in New Jersey.

NY Giants @ Washington:

The Giants and Washington have a combined 6 wins so who really cares who wins this one. The only real reason to watch this is if you’re looking to see Eli Manning play what could be his last games. Washington wins at home and Eli signs somewhere else in the offseason because why the hell not?

Sunday Afternoon:

Detroit @ Denver:

The Broncos seem to have a QB they’re comfortable with going forward. While they aren’t in the playoff race, they do have quite a bit to play for. This is an extended audition for Drew Lock. Should be a fun watch for Bronco fans. Denver wins at home.

Oakland @ LA Chargers:

The Raiders aren’t mathematically ruled out yet… but they’re all but out of the playoff race. The Chargers and Raiders are two teams without a real home at the moment. The Raiders have played their last game in Oakland before their move to Las Vegas and the Chargers are playing in Carson, CA to crowds of opposing fans. The Raiders don’t seem to be in any danger of being accepted in Vegas but will the Chargers be welcomed in LA? Oakland is the better team here so I’m going with them, but neither team has much to play for.

Dallas @ Philadelphia:

This is the most important game of the year for both Philly and Dallas. Had either of them not been dogshit all season, it wouldn’t have come down to this… but it’s coming down to this. Dallas is wildly inconsistent week to week and Philly is wildly inconsistent drive to drive, I really don’t have much of a read on this. The fact that it’s being played in Philly should be a huge bonus for the Eagles, but they’re 4-3 at home this season. I hope the Eagles win and this garbage season will end with a home playoff game (which is ridiculous).

Arizona @ Seattle:

The Seahawks have locked up a playoff spot, but they’re fighting for a first round bye week. Arizona has improved this year, but Seattle will mean business. Heading into Seattle at this point in the season when the games still matter is going to be more than the Cardinals can handle.

Sunday Night:

Kansas City @ Chicago:

The Bears have nothing to play for here except to be a spoiler. Kansas City has a shot at a first round bye and that’s all you really need to know about this matchup. Chiefs get the victory on the road.

Monday Night:

Green Bay @ Minnesota:

If Green Bay wins, they win the division and stay in the position to get a first round bye. If Minnesota wins, they clinch a playoff spot. This should be a showdown on Monday Night and I have more faith in the Vikings ability to get it done. Aaron Rodgers are going to have a tough time heading into Minnesota. Vikings will get it done on MNF.


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