NFL Week 17 Pick ‘Em

Week 16 Record: 11-5
Overall Record: 130-94

Sunday Morning:

NY Jets @ Buffalo:

The Bills are locked into their spot but if I were them, I’d be looking to get a big confidence boost against the Jets at home. The Jets defense played well against a Steeler offense in disarray. I wouldn’t overthink this one. Take the Bills at home.

Cleveland @ Cincinnati:


The Bengals have locked in the number one pick in the next draft and have nothing to win or lose. The Browns have everything to lose as far as pride is concerned. After Sports Illustrated proclaimed the Browns were “Back” and even predicted they’d win their first division title in 30 years, they’ve done nothing but disappoint. I think they’ll be trying too hard to end their season on a high note. I’m going with the Bengals.

Green Bay @ Detroit:

The Lions are garbage and the Packers are fighting for a first-round bye in the playoffs. I’m sure Detroit would love to play spoiler, but the Packers are just too good to let that happen. The Packers have a shot at the top spot in the NFC, which seemed unlikely just a few weeks ago but they’ve really turned things around.

LA Chargers @ Kansas City:

The Chargers end their season with a ton of questions roster and scheme-wise. The Chiefs are in and I’d be surprised if they lost this one. Mahomes gets a tuneup before the playoffs.

Chicago @ Minnesota:

The Vikings will be resting their starters on Sunday as they have nothing to gain. With that in mind, I’m picking the Bears. The sad thing is that I’m still not 100% confident in this pick.

Miami @ New England:

New England could still fall to the 3-seed if things don’t go their way so they won’t be getting cute on Sunday. I’d love to see Fitzmagic give the Pats a run for their money, but I can’t pick against the Pats at home in this one.

Atlanta @ Tampa Bay:

Jameis is only 2 INTs from being the first QB to throw 30 INTs and 30 TDs in the same season. My guess is that won’t be a problem for Winston, but just like all year his INTs will put his team in a hole and he’ll have to dig them out. I see them digging themselves out at home against a bad Falcons team.

New Orleans @ Carolina:

The Saint still have a shot at the top spot in the NFC, which is probably where they belong. Carolina has had a disappointing second half to the season and I can’t imagine it getting any better against the Saints. New Orleans by 100.

Sunday Afternoon:

Washington @ Dallas:

Dallas shot themselves in the foot by losing to Philly last week. Now they need to win against Washington (shouldn’t be a problem), but they also need the Giants to beat the Eagles in order to win the division and make the playoffs. Dallas fans will have to do the unimaginable and root for the New York Giants on Sunday afternoon. Dallas wins in a desperate situation.

Oakland @ Denver:

This could be the last game the Raiders play as the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders could still hypothetically make the playoffs if… buckle up for this one…  the Raiders win, the Steelers lose, the Titans lose, and the Colts win. In this scenario, the Raiders would hold a strength of schedule tiebreaker over the Steelers and would play on Wild Card weekend. I’ll make this easy though… I think Denver is going to beat the Raiders and the previously stated scenario won’t matter. Broncos finish the season with a win at home and the Raiders move to Vegas after a disappointing season.

Arizona @ LA Rams:

Kyler Murray is questionable for this one. Personally, I’d let him sit. No reason to exacerbate an injury in a pointless game. Either way, the Rams will take this one at home. The Rams have had a disappointing season. They looked like they were set for a deep playoff run and here they are missing the playoffs. I hope this isn’t the last we see of Larry Fitzgerald. Whether or not this is the end for him, he’s going down as one of the all-time greats.

Philadelphia @ NY Giants:

The Eagles win and they’re in. The Giants have been less than stellar all season but I’m still nervous about the Eagles blowing this. They seem to step up when it’s absolutely necessary and no other time so they might pull this one out on the road. Speaking of being on the road, I would expect this to largely be a Philly crowd. Carson Wentz has finally found a reliable receiver in Greg Ward and he’ll need him with his go-to target Zach Ertz ruled out for the game. I’ll be watching with fingers crossed, wishing I had a Yuengling. Go Eagles.

Indianapolis @ Jacksonville:

Both of these teams have something to build on this offseason, but they have nothing to show on Sunday. I’m picking Indy but this isn’t a game I’d put money on in either direction. Although, I would like to note that Leonard Fournette has ruled himself out with an illness.

Pittsburgh @ Baltimore:

Pitt needs some help to get into the show, but the only constant in each of these scenarios is that they need to win. Baltimore is sitting Lamar Jackson, Mark Ingram, Earl Thomas, Marshal Yanda, and Brandon Williams but I’m still picking them to win. The Ravens are just too good. Sorry, Steelers.

Tennessee @ Houston:

The Titans don’t HAVE to win in order to keep their playoff spot, but they will. Derrick Henry is back and he’s a big part of their scheme. Even if they don’t win, they have to rely on the Steelers and Raiders losing… which is pretty likely in my opinion. The Titans have a real shot at an upset in the wild card round. I think they’ll pull off the upset and secure themselves a spot in the playoffs.

UPDATE: The Texans are resting their starters including Deshaun Watson.

Sunday Night:

San Francisco @ Seattle (Flexed):

The NFL finally figured out what the “flex” is for. This is definitely the game of the week. Both teams have locked in their playoff spots but they both also have a shot at a first round bye. The last time these two played, the Seahawks won in overtime and I don’t have any reason to believe this game won’t be just as exciting. I’m picking the Niners to win the rematch but it’s largely due to the flurry of injuries the Seahawks are dealing with. Marshawn Lynch’s return will be the feel good story of the week, but not much more than that. Niners win this one and keep their top spot.



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