Sunday Grab Bag

Just a few thoughts on this cold, windy day in the high desert:

1. The NBA All-Star Weekend

Most of these topics are old news but I wanted to mention that I loved the changes made to the NBA All-Star Game. The Elam Ending and the ability to win individual quarters definitely added to the level of competition. Defense actually mattered and the big time players came to play. It was an enjoyable game. The 3-point Shootout is always entertaining but the Slam Dunk Contest is what needs the most help at this point. We need to do away with the judges entirely. There’s no way we can get judges who will be fair or even know what they’re doing. They need to make the competition like H-O-R-S-E. One guy does a dunk and if everyone else can’t do that dunk, they get a letter. No judging or people’s opinions, you can either do the dunk or you can’t. Pretty simple.

2. XFL

The XFL has a few rules that the NFL should be taking a close look at. The most important one, in my opinion, is the way the new league does kickoffs. Instead of lining everyone up at opposite ends of the field and running them headfirst into one another, the XFL is ACTUALLY concerned about the safety of their players and have altered this play. The XFL did a good job of explaining the new kickoff procedure in this video.

3. Astros Cheating

The way the Astros players and management are handling getting caught in this cheating scandal is beyond comprehension. They were caught red-handed and they haven’t done anything to express anything that could resemble remorse. The league office has shown their incompetence by allowing the Astros to keep their title and Jose Altuve’s MVP from 2017. The MLB and it’s spineless commissioner are basically supporting cheating by doing nothing to discipline the Astros. The Houston Astros organization and their players have proven that they’re all pieces of shit. Every team in the league should cheat this year to prove a point. Oh! I almost forgot! The Astros owner, Jim Crane, had this to say about the blatant cheating: “Our opinion is this didn’t impact the game.” It didn’t impact the game?!?! Fuck you.

4. Dribble and Pass Bracket Challenge

Last, but not least, don’t forget to join the Dribble and Pass Bracket Challenge on Yahoo!. See if you know college basketball better than Ryan and Jerry by following this link. Good luck everyone!


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