Viral Concerns

According to an article published by The Athletic, the NBA told teams in a memo that they would need to prepare for the possibility of playing games in an empty arena because of concerns related to the Coronavirus. The games would still be held but would take place without the presence of fans or non-essential team/arena staff.

LeBron James told reporters following the Bucks v Lakers game yesterday that he wouldn’t play in games without fans because “That’s who I play for.” It’s a noble thought that he holds the fans support in such high regard that he would forego playing in the games but you’ve got the fans at home to think of. I completely understand why he would say something like this, but come on… you’re going to play. We appreciate the sentiment, but we might have to conduct business in this manner until we have a handle on the virus.

Prevention seems pretty basic. Wash your hands and don’t touch your face are the two most common tips I’ve heard. The NBA is already advising players not to accept pens and merchandise from fans when giving out autographs. It’s kind of sad that it’s come to this, but player and fan health has to come first. Be smart and stay safe, everyone.

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