NFL Re-Shuffle

NFL Free Agency has started with a bang! Or maybe we have nothing going on because of the quarantine and we’re desperate for sports. Either way we’re excited for NFL signings!

The four most exciting pieces of news of the past few days:

  1. The Eagles part ways with Malcolm Jenkins.
    • I don’t have a lot to say about his release but I do want to thank Malcolm for his time in Philly and for what he’s done for the Eagles. There’s still a chance he won’t get the money he’s asking for elsewhere and could come back to the Eagles but it seems unlikely.
  2. Philip Rivers signs with the Colts.
    • The Colts and Philip Rivers agreed on a 1-year deal that will help Indianapolis compete for the AFC South title. The Colts are in a tough division but I’m sure Rivers was just excited to go to a team that not only plays in front of it’s own fans, but was looking for him to come in and start day one.
  3. The Texans inexplicably trade Deandre Hopkins to the Cardinals for David Johnson.
    • Some more details have come out about this one. Apparently Hopkins wanted more money than the Texans were willing to give him and he “had his baby mama’s around too often”. I guess Bill O’Brien is an idiot. Good for the Cardinals for jumping on this one. They get a transformational wide receiver for a running back they’d benched last year.
  4. The Panthers are shopping Cam Newton after signing Teddy Bridgewater.
    • Cam made it clear that he is being forced out and is displeased with his treatment by the organization but they’re ready to move on. The Panthers signed Teddy Bridgewater to a 3-year deal. Cam has several landing spots that would assure him a starting job (namely San Diego and New England). Bridgewater filled in for an injured Drew Brees last year and had great success. Obviously, the Panthers liked what they saw and were willing to roll the dice on Teddy.
  5. Tom Brady informs the Patriots he will not be returning to New England.
    • Brady and the Pats parted ways amicably after 20 years together. The Buccaneers are expected to announce their signing of Brady at some point this week. Seeing Brady with the trio of OJ Howard, Mike Evans, and Chris Godwin in Bruce Arians system is going to be must see TV. Brady in a Bucs uniform is going to be weird but we’re all excited to see what Brady and Belichick can do when they don’t have each other.





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