Jerry Rice

Career Stats:

303 Games – 1,549 Receptions – 22,895 Receiving Yards – 197 Receiving Touchdowns
San Francisco 49ers 1985-2000
Oakland Raiders 2001-2004
Seattle Seahawks 2004


13x Pro Bowl
10x All-Pro
3x Super Bowl Champion
2x Associated Press Offensive Player of the Year
1x Bert Bell Award
1x Super Bowl MVP

Record Books:

1st in Receptions
1st in Receiving Yards
1st in Receiving Touchdowns
1st in Total Touchdowns
1st in Yards from Scrimmage
1st in All-Purpose Yards
3rd in Playoff Games

I was tempted to induct a Quarterback as the inaugural member of The Hard Part’s Football Hall of Fame, but Jerry Rice is just too damn good. He was lucky enough to play with two incredible QBs during his time in San Francisco, but you can say the same of the QBs that were lucky enough to play with him. He was selected to Pro Bowls in three different decades, the last at the age of 40. You’d know he was an unbelievable receiver just by looking at his stats but if you haven’t seen him play, please take minute to check out this video. Jerry Rice is the greatest football player of all-time and it’s hard to argue otherwise.


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