The NFL’s Bubble Problem and New Divisions

Major League Baseball has shown that the non-bubble strategy isn’t going to work during this pandemic. The NBA and NHL had the right idea by isolating its players in order to finish up the season. The NFL has said the league is just too big and has too many players and employees to make this possible. I’d have to agree with that. It would be too many people to confine to one site. So why not confine teams to several different sites? You can do 4 different sites and assign them by division.

Keep the AFC and NFC chapters of each division in a centrally located site for them to play each other for 10 weeks and then swap sites to finish up the season.

Here’s how it will work:

NFC/AFC East: East Rutherford, NJ
NFC/AFC West: Glendale, AZ
NFC/AFC North: Chicago, IL
NFC/AFC South: Atlanta, GA

Division games can be done first, so there’s 6 games out of the way. Then you can play 4 games against the opposite conference… 10 games down. Then teams will be assigned new venues for the final 6 weeks. No bye weeks will be scheduled in case there is an outbreak of any kind. This way we’ll have extra time to account for quarantines, if necessary.

It’s kind of ironic that we’re so concerned about keeping players safe in a sport where being knocked unconscious is a weekly occurrence.

Another change we could make arose from my mapping out the divisions to find a location for each bubble. The divisions need updating. The teams are divided into divisions that are outdated. As much as I love the Eagles playing the Cowboys twice a year, why is Dallas still in the NFC East? Last I checked, Dallas isn’t in the East.

Heres how I’d divvy up the teams:

NFC 1: Minnesota, Green Bay, Chicago, Indianapolis
NFC 2: Buffalo, NY Giants, NY Jets, New England
NFC 3: Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Washington, Baltimore
NFC 4: Carolina, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit
AFC 1: Seattle, San Francisco, LA Chargers, LA Rams
AFC 2: Arizona, Las Vegas, Denver, Dallas
AFC 3: Houston, New Orleans, Kansas City, Tennessee
AFC 4: Miami, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Atlanta

Relocations and expansions have made for some strange divisions but I think we’ve got it fixed here. Name them what you want, but I think this would work. Let me know what you think of the new divisions and which ones you’d be most excited to see! Are you happy about where your team ended up?

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