A really long game deserves a really long title…

“Sorry if you had other plans tonight” read the big screen during the 5th overtime of last night’s game between the Columbus Blue Jackets and Tampa Bay Lightning. The 4th-longest game in NHL history dropped the puck at 3:09pm and the winning shot hit the back of the net at 9:22pm.

I think Jason Olig, a handsome Mario Kart champion who is overflowing with Midwestern charm, said it best: “Can you imagine ice skating for 4 or 5 hours? Much less getting your ass beat with a hockey stick for that amount of time.” 

The game, which featured a “7th-Period Stretch”, set several NHL records including most time on the ice (Columbus defenseman Seth Jones, 65 minutes 6 seconds), most saves (Blue Jackets Goaltender Joonas Korpisalo, 85), and most total shots on goal (151).  

In a game that featured 151 shots on goal, Cam Atkinson of the Columbus Blue Jackets was the only player without a shot on goal. He had a breakaway at one point that did not result in a shot on goal, but instead with him hurtling headfirst into the opponents goal. 

The NHL is conducting its playoffs in a bubble, much like the NBA, so the ice was actually set to host another game after its conclusion. The matchup between the Boston Bruins and the Carolina Panthers was postponed to this morning. There must be something about the ice, because the postponed game went into double-overtime. If you’re curious, the Bruins won 4-3.

The next game between the Blue Jackets and Lightning is tomorrow. Hopefully, the teams will have had enough time to recover from yesterday’s marathon. One that was particularly draining for the Blue Jackets, who lost game one after almost six and a half hours of real time. It’s especially demoralizing to lose a game that you’ve put so much time and effort into. Good luck to both teams going forward, and I hope the rest of their games are decided in regulation. 

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