When Brotherly Love Runs Out

This has been one of the most disappointing Sixers seasons in recent memory. I’m so upset with the way management has handled this team that I’m questioning my fanhood. I’m not sure what to do at this point? How do you continue to have a place in your heart for a team that shows none? I find no joy in watching the Celtics manhandle this team, but I’m glad they were swept. We need something extreme to happen for change to be enacted. Joel looks like he’s at the end of his rope. Is he to blame for not taking over or is it the coaching staff for not giving him the opportunity to do so?

We recently found out via JJ Redick’s podcast that Joel was genuinely upset that the team didn’t do what they could to keep Jimmy Butler and JJ Redick. I hate to say it but the team was better with those two. I’ve grown to love Tobias Harris even though he doesn’t warrant a max contract, but if your star player wants Jimmy Butler over Tobias Harris, you keep Butler. Butler doesn’t like the system being run by Brett Brown? See ya, Brett Brown. Jimmy Butler didn’t want to stay in Philly because he, correctly, thought the ball should be in his hands over Ben’s. Brett disagreed and Jimmy moved on. The worst part of this is that we pushed Ben to the Power Forward position anyway. Obvious moves like this are taking Brett Brown far too long to make. How long did Brett have to watch Shake Milton to realize he shouldn’t be getting DNP-CDs (did not play – coaches decision) and should instead be the starting Point Guard?!

Going forward, we can’t rely solely on Ben and Joel. We’ve fallen victim to this time and time again. You have to have a roster that makes sense around them. Surround Joel with shooters who can play defense. Right now, when Embiid is double-teamed, its a complete shit-show. The defense leaves much to be desired too. Opposing guards continually obliterate the Sixers. It’s so easy to predict which guards will put up fifty on Philly. We need leadership. We need perimeter defense. We need competent management.

We can’t expect guys like Furkan Korkmaz to be able to guard CJ McCollum or TJ Warren when Ben Simmons isn’t on the floor. Hell, TJ Warren embarrassed the Sixers WHILE Ben Simmons was on the floor. Philly paid an exorbitant price for Al Horford and they don’t even use him correctly. When he was with the Celtics, he frequently limited Embiid in ways no one else could. They put him on the floor with Embiid, which makes absolutely no sense. They need to use him as a backup Center and build a scheme around him. He was infuriating to play against when he was with Boston. That was only a year ago. Did he lose his ability to play overnight? Although that wouldn’t be out of the question considering some of the things that have happened to Sixers players in the past few years (see: Zhaire Smith or Markelle Fultz). This one is on Brett. You can’t bring in someone like Al and let his talents go to waste.

Speaking of wasting someone’s talents… I’m watching Trey Burke play significant playoff minutes for the Mavericks after the Sixers couldn’t be bothered to incorporate him into their offense.

Offseason plans:
-Brett’s got to go.
-Horford has to be traded unless we can start using him effectively.
-Tell Ben Simmons to start shooting or trade him. This one hurts because Ben is such an unbelievable talent, but if he can’t make use of those talents… he has to go. We keep falling for promises that Ben will be shooting in games and that ultimatums have been laid down, but when the ball tips, it all goes out the window.
-We need guys that can handle the ball and play defense. Maybe young guys we can develop like Markelle Fultz or Mikal Bridges. Maybe a nice 3 and D guy like a Robert Covington. Someone with grit and determination, like TJ McConnell, to lead our team.
-If Matisse Thybulle isn’t in a Sixers uniform next season I will lose my mind. He’s exactly the type of player that Philly has been giving up on lately in order for a quick fix. Every time I see Landry Shamet in a Clippers uniform, I die a little.

I’m going to stop now or this post may drag on indefinitely. Joel deserves better. The fans deserve better. I deserve better. Sell the team. Fire the coach. Fire management. Fresh start. I’ll attach my resumé if needed.


  1. Yup, it’s clear the sixers are underachieving. Thought horford would make them a complete team. Turns out he’s not optimized. So with tobias. And the guys they let go. Who you think should replace brett?


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