At least we never stabbed anyone

The Sixers medical staff can be summed up by a tweet I saw a few years ago. It’s perfect and I couldn’t describe it any better. The tweet, posted by @jimadair3, says “Philadelphia is a city full of the best hospitals you can find, brilliant doctors, surgeons, and researchers. Philadelphia sports teams’ medical staffs are full of characters from Wacky Races.” He’s absolutely right. I don’t know how every Sixers rookie ends up with a season(or longer)-ending injury, but they all do. From broken feet to deadly allergies, they’ve botched them all. They were the worst medical staff I could imagine… until last Sunday.

Los Angeles Chargers backup quarterback Justin Herbert was told just five minutes before kickoff that he’d have to start in place of an injured Tyrod Taylor. Herbert assumed it was a joke because of the proximity to kickoff but sadly, it was not. Tyrod Taylor had been dealing with fractured ribs but was cleared to play. The team doctor would administer a pain relieving shot to the area, and Taylor would be good to go. Except that the team doctor accidentally PUNCTURED TAYLOR’S LUNG while giving the injection. When I tried to research the incident I was surprised to see a tweet by Yahoo’s Zach Schwartz detailing the Chargers previous struggles with team doctors. Apparently, the doctor who was replaced by the lung popper had two DUIs, was raided by the DEA for writing himself 108 prescriptions (107 maybe, but 108?), was convicted of malpractice for severing a patient’s artery and for misdiagnosing several career-ending injuries. Holy hell. I will never complain about the Sixers having a poor medical staff again. Just kidding, they should all be fired. 

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