Maybe if I say it louder…

Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless shared the screen for many years on ESPN’s First Take, but eventually their heads became so inflated and their opinions so loud that they could no longer be contained on one network. Skip was shipped to Fox Sports where Shannon Sharpe was to be subjected to his idiocy. I understand that both defended ludicrous opinions and made insane accusations for ratings. I know that it’s a TV show and they both made wild proclamations in the name of entertainment. Recently, both Stephen A. and Skip have gone to far. Skip Bayless made statements criticizing the mental health of Dak Prescott, who let it be known that he has been suffering from depression following the suicide of his brother. It’s completely over the line and Bayless has made no attempts at a real apology.

Following the hiring of Steve Nash to be the next head coach of the Brooklyn Nets, Stephen A. let it be known that Nash only got the job because he was white. He backed this up by stating Nash, a two-time MVP, had no coaching experience (false) and there were plenty of more qualified black coaches (debatable). He breezed over the fact that Nash has worked with, current member of the Nets, Kevin Durant as the Player Development COACH of the Golden State Warriors. The outlandish statements have eclipsed entertainment and are now in the realm of the insensitive and completely over the line. They should both go back to debating whether or not LeBron is the GOAT on a daily basis and leave the real discussions to those with respected opinions. 

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  1. I don’t listen to either of them, but it sounds like they have lost touch. If someone is brave enough to come forward about a struggle with depression, they should never be subject to ridicule. As far as Stephen A. is concerned, it sounds like he just wants to fight.

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