Tony Gwynn

Career Stats:

3,141 Hits – 135 Home Runs – .338 Batting Average – 69.2 Wins Above Replacement

San Diego Padres 1982-2001


Baseball Hall of Fame Class of 2007

15x All-Star

5x Gold Glove

7x Silver Slugger

8x Batting Title

1995 Branch Rickey Award (Given for excellence in community service)

1999 Roberto Clemente Award (Given for excellence in the community and on the field)

Top-10 in MVP Voting 7-times

Record Books:

19th in Batting Average

21st in Hits

11th in Singles

17th in Intentional Walks

“Mr. Padre” never won a World Series, but he always produced for the city he loved. After playing college ball at San Diego State University, Tony Gwynn played 20 seasons for the San Diego Padres. His hitting will always lead his biographies, but he grew into a phenomenal defensive player too. For being, arguably, the best hitter since Ted Williams, Gwynn hit remarkably few home runs (135 for his career). Ted Williams actually mocked Gwynn’s lack of power for such a large man, once telling Gwynn that he should stop using “a toothpick” for a bat. Williams did also give Gwynn some advice that helped him improve his long-ball ability. Tony would go one to record 5 of the 14 highest season batting averages since Ted Williams hit .406 in 1941. Gwynn also hit above .300 in an NL-record 19 consecutive seasons, second only to Ty Cobb who completed the feat in 23 consecutive seasons. Gwynn’s overall numbers are absurd. He batted over .350 seven times, which is the most of any player since World War II. Gwynn’s dedication to San Diego and to the art of hitting land him in The Hard Part’s Baseball Hall of Fame.

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